Fulbright Student Program

Fulbright Student Program Overview

19-20 Top ProducerThe Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides post-baccalaureate funding for 8-12 months for individuals to study, research, or teach abroad while promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Eligible applicants include undergraduates entering their senior year, alumni who earned a bachelor's or master's degree from Appalachian as their most recent degree, and current Appalachian graduate students who will not have completed a Ph.D prior to the beginning of their grant year.

There are two major types of Fulbright awards for U.S. students:

1) English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) grants are available in select countries and provide recipients with the opportunity to teach English as a second language to students from elementary school through the university level, depending on the country. ETAs serve as supplemental instructors in a classroom, generally providing conversation practice and teaching American culture for approximately 20 hours per week. 

2) Study/Research grants, for conducting independent research or study in over 140 countries. Applicants develop an independent project proposal, which may include university coursework, independent library, lab, or field research, or special projects in the social sciences, life sciences, or visual and performing arts. Applicants must identify a contact in their host country and procure a letter stating that he or she will serve as the applicant's institutional affiliation during the student's stay.

Eligibility Requirements


Applicant must 

  •  Be U.S. a citizen
  • Have earned a Bachelor's degree but not a Ph.D. by the beginning date of the grant
  • Complie with Language proficiency, in non-English-speaking countries, commensurate with the proposed project
  • Four years training (for those applying for grants in the creative or performing arts)

Candidate Profile


  • Strong academic record 
  • Compelling rationale for study, research, or teaching in your chosen country
  • Demonstrated ability and desire to foster mutual understanding and cultural exchange
  • Explanation of how the Fulbright experience will support your future goals
  • Demonstrated preparation, maturity, and adaptability
  • Kowledge of your host country, including its language and culture

Relative to Study/Research Grants

  • Feasible project proposal with clear purpose, methodology, and timeline
  • Previous research experience and demonstrated preparation for proposed project
  • Description of the significance and/or innovation of your research/study

Relative to ETAs

  • Previous teaching/instruction experience (e.g., mentoring, tutoring, classroom teaching, or related experiences)
  • Description of the pedagogical theory and/or practices you will bring to a classroom in your host country
  • Well-developed, specific ideas for engaging second-language learners

John Kennedy, ETA, Mongolia








Right: Jake Kennedy, ETA,  Mongolia 

Application Components

This application will be completed through the ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL. The follow items should be gathered and refined in a personal file before submitting to the portal:

  • Statement of Grant Purpose essay (1-2 pages)
  • Personal Statement (1 page)
  • Short answer questions
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Certified transcript (or transcripts)
  • Letter of affiliation (for study/research grant applicants) from an appropriate contact in your host country (e.g., professor, lab or archive director, etc.)
  • Foreign language assessment (when specified on your host country's profile page)

Ilya Wang, Study/Research Buenos Aries, ArgentinaLeft: llya Wang
Study/Research Grant
Buenos Aries, Argentina 

Hayley Hales, ETA Banja Luka, BosniaHerzgovinia







Above: Hayley Hales, ETA Grant,  Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzgovinia




Appalachian State Application Process

 Applicants currently enrolled at a university are strongly encourage to be reviewed and certified by their college or university. As such, Appalachian State applicants are reviewed by an internal committee who provides support and helpful feedback. Recent alums may apply "at-large", but we recommend applying through our process to receive the most guidance as well as to allow participation in the committee review process.

Detailed campus application information is provided directly to applicants once they declare their intention to apply. Major deadlines for our on campus process are listed below and are subject to change:

February 14-16

Fulbright Week 2023! 

March 31st

Intent to Apply Form due


Initial Advising Meetings


Drafting sequence with NCS advisor

September 1

On Campus Deadline

September 11-15

Campus Interviews

October 11

National Application Deadline


Semi-Finalist Notifications


Final Selections


Begin your Fulbright Grant! 


Upcoming Events

Future events TBD 

Previous Award Winners


Field of Study 


Grant Type


Payton Blaney

Political Science with a concentration in International and Comparative Politics Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with a concentration in German


English Teaching Assistant


Andrew Willard

Economics with a concentrations in Environmental Economics and Policy and Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with a concentration in German


English Teaching Assistant


Henry Campbell

Global Studies with a concentration in East Asian Studies andLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures with a concentration in Chinese


English Teaching Assistant


Ilya Wang

Global Studies with a concentration in Global Food Systems




Alexandra Elizabeth All

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with a concentration in Spanish Education (K-12)


English Teaching Assistant


Caroline Johnna Sager

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with a concentrationSpanish and Hispanic Studies and Political Science with a concentration in International and Comparative Politics


English Teaching Assistant


Hayley Rose Hales

M.A. Special Education 

Bosnia & Herzegovina

English Teaching Assistant


Katelyn Allyse Wilder

English with concentrations in Creative Writing and Literary Studies

United Kingdom



Caroline Kathryn Webb

Psychology with a minor in Communications Sciences and Disorders


English Teaching Assistant


Emma Rebecca Labovitz

Political Science and Global Studies 




John Eugene Kennedy

Sustainable Development 


English Teaching Assistant


Johnna Reisner

MA.. English with a concentration in College Teaching


English Teaching Assistant


Ryan Hellenbrand

Interdisciplinary Studies




Stephanie L Schaffner

English Teaching


English Teaching Assistant


Anne B Furr

Environmental Studies




Margaret E Knight


United Kingdom