Two App State Faculty Serve on National Screening Committee for the Fulbright 2022-23 Cycle

For the past two years, Appalachian State University has been recognized as a top Fulbright producer, indicating our consistent success in producing successful applicants for this prestigious award. With a growing network ofPaul Worley faculty and alumni recipients, our office seeks to recognize the remarkable efforts of the faculty who continue to support our students through the application process and strengthened the relationship between this university and the Fulbright program.

This past year, faculty members Mark Powell and Dr. Paul Worley served on the National Screening Committee for the 2022-2023 Fulbright Application cycles. As Fulbright alumni, Mark Powell–Associate Professor of English–and Dr. Paul Worley–Chair and Professor of Language, Literature, and Culture (LLC)–bring with them a wealth of experience to both Appalachian State University and the Fulbright National Screening Committee.

Every year, the Fulbright National Screening Committee (NSC) reviews over 10,000 applications from competitive applicants across the United States. With committee members composed of Fulbright staff, alumni, or referred academics, each committee must use their collective expertise to distinguish between applicants who are “recommended” or “not recommended”. It is this distinction that informs the final selection of Fulbright semi-finalists.

Prior to their involvement in the Fulbright NSC, Powell and Worley were recipients of Fulbright awards themselves. While this is Powell’s first year on the committee, Worley has previously served Fulbright and Comexus, the Mexican subsidiary of Fulbright, to screen English teaching assistant (ETA) applicants. In reflecting on his experience serving these organizations, Worley says he “...wanted to give back to the Fulbright program since I know that someone had to look over my application when I applied, both the first time and the second time.” To that end, Worley encourages students to apply, and if not funded the first time to not give up, citing his experience in not being selected by Fulbright for his first application.

Mark Powell

Similarly, Powell sees his service on the NSC as a means of showing his gratitude for the remarkable experience he was afforded from the Fulbright program. As an avid supporter of Fulbright and study abroad, Powell says “I doubt there’s any better education than a well-stamped passport.” Powell was awarded two Fulbright awards, one in 2014 to teach english at Constantine the Philosopher University in Slovakia, and one in 2020 to study in Romania. In applying to both, and now serving on the NSC, he is more cognizant than ever of the dedication and work involved with maintaining the standard of excellence that Fulbright retains.

Powell and Worley shared a consensus when it comes to advising prospective Fulbright applicants: apply. While Worley is aware of the obstacles that face some students when applying, especially first-generation students, as Chair of the Department of LLC he aims to assist students overcome these barriers and develop strong undergraduate portfolios to pursue opportunities such as these. Powell too strives to serve as an advocate for prospective Fulbright applicants at Appalachian State University, hoping to engage in helpful conversations with future applicants.

Thank you to our dedicated faculty and staff for your continued efforts to support our students as they apply for Nationally Competitive Scholarships. 



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Compiled and Written by James Awun
March 27th, 2023
Boone, N.C.



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Published: Mar 27, 2023 2:52pm