Advisory Board

Purpose: The Advisory Board is established to not only assist students, but to advise the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships. 


  • Identifying/researching key opportunities for students
  • Mentoring students within their college through scholarship opportunities
  • Connecting students with other faculty members to help with the scholarship application
  • Providing guidance to the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships on programming and marketing needs

Advisory Board

Andrew Bellemar

Associate Professor, Molecular Neuroscience
Department of Biology

Scott Collier

Professor, PhD, Cardiovascular Exercise Science, Graduate Faculty, Faculty Director for Nationally Competitive Scholarships
Health and Exercise Science

Makenzie Corgan

Garner Dewey

Associate Professor of Industrial Design
Department of Applied Design

Chrissie Faupel

Director, Education Abroad
Education Abroad

Joseph Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Director of Global Studies program
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Gray

Professor, Communication Studies
Department of Communication

Beverly Moser

Professor, German and TESL/Applied Linguistics
Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Chris Seitz

Assistant Professor, DrPH, Community Health Education
Health and Exercise Science

Laurie Semmes

Professor of Ethnomusicology
Hayes College of Music

Tracy Smith

Professor, Faculty Fellow in the Hubbard Programs for Faculty Excellence, Appalachian Scholarly Teaching Academy Program Director
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Middle Grades Program

Jeff Vahlbusch

Dean, Professor
Honors College, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Brian Whitaker

Associate Professor
Department of Management